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moments: 11 school


After a week of being sick and bedridden the entire time, I successfully convinced my boyfriend I was well enough to leave the house. After doing some prior business in the Liberty Village, we decided to go to School. I had read a few reviews before going, and it definitely lived up to the reviews. But I may be a little biased because I am a lover of all things brunch.

We were seated in front of an exposed brick wall that was decorated with a lot of clocks. The interesting part was that all the clocks were stopped at 3:30 – the exact time every kid looks forward to; the end of the school day!

Even though it was only brunch, I wanted to make the most of my visit there and we ordered an appetizer to go with our entrees. We ordered the Guacamole & Chips, which was delicious. I absolutely loved the guacamole and the tortilla chips were really nice and crispy. For entrees my boyfriend got the Smoked Salmon Endive Salad which he said was really tasty, and honestly everything tastes good when it comes with an egg and smoked salmon! I opted for the BLT sandwich (which is no longer on the menu), it was really delicious and they were super generous with the bacon.

I definitely want to go back to School soon, and they’ve just added some new items onto their menu which I can’t wait to try them. Mainly the Mexican Fish Tacos! I’m ALL about fish tacos haha!!



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  1. Minh permalink
    2011/06/20 12:38 pm

    Didn’t noticed the clock. Neat. The food was excellent and the concept is charming. I would not mind going there again!

    • 2011/06/20 6:02 pm

      You didn’t notice that they were all at 3:30!? Hehehehe, I thought it was so clever. I looved the food too, and you’re right School is such a charming quaint little place.
      We should go again, but maybe after our vacation 😉

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