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Zara May 2011 Lookbook


It’s that time of the month again here on sortofromantic! It has less to do with a women’s cycle and more to do with the monthly Zara Lookbook haha! What a difference a month makes, I was just getting used to the idea of maybe incorporating fuchsia and yellow into my wardrobe!! If you ask me, I was more excited about last month’s lookbook than I am about this one. Maybe it’s the lack of colours, or the lack of direction for this month. Somehow, I don’t think snake-print, Navajo-print, paisley and gold skirts really go together. But perhaps it’s just my opinion!?

Negatives aside, I am happy to see the Navajo-print pants. Hopefully there’ll be more of this print in their stores. Do you like this month’s lookbook?

But of course, being so popular the chance of me finding anything at my local Zara is slim to none. I think that they should really start an online store or perhaps have more stock. Everytime I like something from their lookbook, I’m never able to find it at their stores. UGH. Is it just me? Or are you guys experiencing the same thing?!

image source: Zara


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  1. Minh permalink
    2011/05/18 8:06 am

    She looks so…gangsta lol. I like the mini skirt rawr.

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