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moments: 06 dozo sushi


01. After a month of midterms, my boyfriend took me out on a date to celebrate the end of it! So we decided to try Dozo Sushi… which was the best decision ever!!
02. The atmosphere was very romantic, each of their booths were sectioned off so each table has a bit of privacy. And I was immediately drawn to the pink/purple-ish lights!
03. We ordered a Green Dragon roll and a Nigiri platter. Both equally delicious, but don’t be fooled by the green fish roe in the front. It’s actually wasabi flavoured and it was SPICY!
04. I love Uni so my boyfriend suggested these spoons, which turned out to be so delicious.
05. A close up of the Green Dragon roll. Mmm I love avocados.
06. Half way through our meal, they brought over this complimentary bowl of Edamame’s. They were good.

We also ordered a few things that I never photographed, mainly because I was hungry and totally forgot about pictures.

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  1. Minh permalink
    2011/03/24 10:27 am

    Nice restaurant, good food, staff was aiigh. I would eat there again. And nice pictures.

    • 2011/03/25 7:08 pm

      We should definitely go again, and maybe try some other ‘spoons’. Mmm just thinking about it is making me hungry. Cold be gone!

  2. 2011/03/24 1:10 pm

    Hahaha. Yum! I love uni, too!
    Nice pictures. xo

    • 2011/03/25 7:09 pm

      Thanks!! Uni and Toro are definitely my two favourites I just can’t get enough! Having strong cravings…again.

  3. 2011/04/03 2:18 am

    Nice! Looks amazing, Thanks I’m hungry now:)

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