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moments: 05 six years


My boyfriend and I celebrated our six years anniversary last Monday. We spent the majority of the day downtown shopping. I made a few purchases that day, but I returned most of it because crop tops aren’t my friends! I did end up keeping something I got from The Bay (which I’ll blog about in a future blog post!). Besides shopping, we also had some really delicious food from The Fish House for dinner, and not so delicious food for lunch at Chipotle. To end the night we had some refreshing Chinese desserts uptown.

1. The burrito bowl I got from Chipotle, by far the worst Mexican restaurant I’ve been to. The only exciting part was probably the fresh guacamole. If you’re looking for a GREAT Mexican restaurant in Toronto, you should try Mucho Burrito
2. The linguine I ordered that came with half a lobster from The Fish House
3. One of my favourite things about eating at restaurants is getting to try their fresh bread. And let me tell you, this basket of fresh bread was amazing
4. My boyfriend’s ‘Boston platter’ which consisted of a lobster tail, three jumbo shrimps and scallops, salmon, stuffed crab shell, mixed vegetables and rice
5. Just thought that it was cute the salt and pepper shakers were side by side. Would’ve been a nicer picture if it didn’t come out blurry
6. The tea light candle that was supposed to melt butter, but it was croaked so it kind of failed at its job
7. My Chinese dessert – Mango sago with aloe jelly
8. His Lychee sago with grass jelly.

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  1. Minh permalink
    2011/03/04 1:32 pm

    Mucho Burrito is awesome. Best Mexican food north of the border. It’s just a plate of goodness mush served over more goodness mush of stuff.

    • 2011/03/04 1:45 pm

      hahaha. I guess that’s how you could explain it.
      Next time I’m trying a burrito instead of a bowl, omg nomnomnom. Let’s go for dinner tonight!?

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