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moments: 03


I have a weird obsession with pillows, most nights I sleep alone so it’s pretty excessive for me to have four pillows. Of course with the exception of when my boyfriend is over. But just as I thought four pillows was enough, I went and got a fifth one this weekend. Now I can’t decide between throwing out an old one, or just keeping all five.

Did anyone else feel that this long weekend went by too quickly? Between studying for my upcoming midterms to celebrating my birthday and anniversary, I’ve been waking up early and sleeping very late. But the fun is over, and now I’ve got to focus. Sigh.

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  1. Minh permalink
    2011/02/22 12:01 pm

    Nothing wrong with having extra pillows. Very useful when you roll around too much and end up on the wrong side of the bed you’re sure to have a pillow lying around.

    Or for building a pillow house.

    • 2011/02/24 3:34 pm

      Pillow forts are the best. And you’re right, it does come in handy when I roll around or to prevent my head from slipping off and hitting the bed. I like pillows!

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