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Zara Spring 2011 Lookbook


Loving the simplicity behind it all, this collection is perfect for anyone who seeks to adopt minimalism. One piece that especially caught my attention is the fuchsia blazer with black lapels in the last image. If this lookbook is any indication of what Zara will be offering this Spring, I’m excited to see what else they’ll have in stores soon.

Thoughts? Are you excited?

image source: Zara


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  1. 2011/02/19 4:39 pm

    I think zara is great for designer looks but at AFFORDABLE prices x

    • 2011/02/19 4:43 pm

      Me too!! And what’s also great is that even with affordable prices they don’t cheap out on quality materials unlike some other stores.
      Thanks for your comment and liking my post!

  2. 2011/02/19 5:38 pm

    I love the minimalist trend. It’s so crisp and sleek that it’s a nice change from the baggy, loose clothes.

    • 2011/02/19 10:26 pm

      I’m really loving this minimalist trend as well, nothing beats a well made shirt and a pair of trousers. I’m so glad that Zara is embracing it.
      Thanks for visiting and your comment!

  3. waelalih permalink
    2011/02/19 9:35 pm

    Just got home from Zara with a Pair of Skinny Jeans for men , Boots and a fine Shirt , Always had a thing for Zara.

    • 2011/02/19 10:15 pm

      I’ve always had a thing for Zara too, they never disappoint. Sounds like you found some really good things! Did you take advantage of their Winter sale earlier this month!?
      Thanks for leaving a comment!

  4. 2011/02/19 9:54 pm

    those paisley pants are great! I want to snag those asap!

    • 2011/02/19 10:28 pm

      I can’t get enough of paisley, so glad I’m not the only one!!
      I’m also loving the velvet blazer that the model is wearing with those paisley pants.
      Thanks for visiting! =)

  5. Minh permalink
    2011/02/19 10:19 pm

    Looks good and is always affordable. All they need now is a big gals line and they’re set. Move aside H&M, you’re last year.

    • 2011/02/19 10:33 pm

      Yeah, if only Zara came out with a plus size line. I think that they would definitely gain even more shoppers. Right now they’re losing to stores like H&M because they lack larger sizes. Plus, I’d be there everyday, living and breathing Zara. haha.

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