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in retrospective: Hong Kong (part 3)


On the last night of my trip (also see here, here and here), we went to 1881 Heritage to see the Christmas lights that they had put up. I think that aside from seeing pandas, the Christmas lights were the highlight of this trip. It was really beautiful at 1881 Heritage and the architecture of some of the buildings are exquisite. Due to its rich colonial background, many of the buildings were heavily influenced by the Victorian era. The carousel alone was enough to make me want to stay there the entire night.

Many of the buildings were declared monuments in 1994 as proof of their historical significance. Since than it’s become a very popular tourist attraction, lots of couples choose 1881 Heritage as the backdrop to take their wedding/engagement photos. The night I was there, I saw many University students with their graduation gown/hat taking photos for what I image are their graduation photos. When I graduate and get married I would definitely want to fly back to Hong Kong to get my pictures taken here. I’m THAT fond of this place.

Note: all the images are taken by me, if you take them please link back to me. thanks



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  1. minh permalink
    2011/01/05 12:13 pm

    Nice pictures.

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