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Interior Inspiration


Wouldn’t you want to wake up in rooms that looked like these?
Ever since I cleaned my room last night, I’ve been thinking about redecorating my room. Hopefully buy more book shelves because my huge collection of books have outgrown its current book shelf.

I love the black chandelier in the third picture, actually, I love the entire room in the third picture. I really like the pink accents and the mismatched wallpaper, it’s almost like this bedroom is from a fairy tale. This would definitely be my ideal room, that or I’d like to adopt a very minimalistic approach.

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  1. Minh permalink
    2011/01/03 11:40 pm

    Happy 10k hits! Looking forward to what you’ll be posting for 2011 🙂

    • 2011/01/04 2:01 am

      Thanks! I’m so happy I’m at 10k and in only a year! Not too bad I suppose.
      Exciting things are coming in 2011. Thanks for your support ❤

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