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in retrospective: Hong Kong (part 1)


One of the places we went to in Hong Kong was ‘Sai Kung’, which is a very popular tourist area because of the vast amount of seafood restaurants that they have. Each restaurant has their seafood proudly displayed in front of their restaurants and patrons can go and pick out their own seafood for the night.

1. One of the displays in front of a restaurant. It resembles an Asian grocery store, except they cook the food for you instantly.
2. Blue crabs that are the size of your palm.
3. The lobsters were so amazing, we ordered one that was about two pounds and we had it made with e-fu noodles. It was so fresh and super tasty!!
4. This squid swam so fast, I had such a hard time taking its picture.
5. One of my most favourite things about Hong Kong is that most of the restaurants still serve their Cokes in glass bottles rather than the cans we find here in Toronto.

Note: all the images are taken by me, if you take them please link back to me. thanks




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  1. Bum permalink
    2010/12/30 12:04 am

    Very nice pictures. The uncooked food look tasty already lol.

    • 2010/12/30 12:10 am

      Thanks =)
      We’ll go for seafood soon than! Fish House!!?!

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