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in retrospective: Taiwan


A little long over due, but here’s part one of my trip. I spent a total of thirteen days in Asia, travelling to Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. My first stop was to Taiwan, home of the most amazing Night Markets. The one in Toronto doesn’t even compare. Going to Taiwan was all about the food, and I had the most amazing authentic Taiwanese food while I was at the Taiwan National Palace Museum. We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside the museum, but some of the artifacts that they had were breath-taking. Inside Taipei 101 wasn’t anything spectacular, a very high-class mall with all the brand names you can imagine. But it was awfully small so it didn’t even take more than two hours to walk all of it. But the structure outside was gorgeous, and it’s a work of art. If you guys ever decide to visit Taiwan you should stay at Hotel Quote. It’s the one my parents and I stayed at, and the service was top-notch. Not to mention the free 24 hour snack bar and everything inside the mini bar in your room is also complimentary.

1. Authentic Taiwanese food.
2. Taipei 101
3. Hello Kitty terminal at the Taiwan Airport
4. Beautiful flowers at the Taiwan Airport
5. A giant ferris wheel at the Miramar Mall in Taiwan
6. The hotel I stayed at was a block away from the Taipei Arena, home of all the blockbuster concerts.

Note: all the images are taken by me, if you take them please link back to me. thanks




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