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Hakuna Matata!


I’m SOOOOO excited!! My boyfriend just surprised me with tickets to see ‘The Lion King’ in April. Well it wasn’t a total surprise because I got to choose my seats (I don’t like to sit in the middle because I get nervous about having to potentially go to the bathroom and having to climb over everyone – which I hate doing). It was between sitting near the orchestra or sitting in the dress circle. I ended up picking the dress circle, that way I am guaranteed to see the musical and not someones head instead.

It’s my second time seeing this musical and I’m so excited I’ll get a chance to share this experience with my boyfriend. It’s an amazing show, and the costumes alone is worth the price of our tickets. OMG can.not.WAIT!

It’ll be showing at the Princess of Wales Theatre and it starts on April 19, 2011 and will go on for five weeks! Get your tickets soon ladies and gentlemen, it’s going to sell out fast!

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  1. bum permalink
    2010/12/15 2:00 pm

    I hope they’re good seats.

  2. N/A permalink
    2011/01/11 9:40 am

    This is an amazing show. I went to see it a few years back. really great. I would go see this again!
    Have fun!

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