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for the love of; alexander wang ‘diego’


I’ve talked about how much I love the ‘rocco’ bag before and it was definitely a must-have on my list of bags. But than yesterday while I was vintage shopping I saw a girl carrying the ‘diego’ and I knew than and there that it had replaced the ‘rocco’ on my “list”.

Aesthetically, the ‘diego’ and the ‘rocco’ are very similar because they both feature the same brass studs at the bottom and leather exterior. However, I find the ‘diego’ more appealing because of its bucket shape and the visible hardware on the front of the bag. I’ve been looking for a nice bucket bag for a while and the ‘diego’ fits all the criteria’s that I have, so it’s definitely lust worthy in my mind. It’s pretty much sold out everywhere, so if you see/find one you should definitely pick it up. Or at least tell me so I can go pick it up!

Which one do you like better?

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  1. Bum permalink
    2010/09/08 7:22 pm

    I like it. You can use it as a weapon to protect yourself or your sandwich. Back off! Get your own sandwich!

    • 2010/09/08 7:34 pm

      I like it too, I’m going to make this my next bag. That is if I can find it anywhere!!
      Now that I think about it, it does look like a good weapon!!

  2. 2010/09/10 1:22 pm

    GIRL, love this one. You are right about the “bucket”, go for it. But for the love of everything good. Don’t set it on the floor. The studs come off easier than you think! 😉


    • 2010/10/22 2:41 am

      OMG if I were to ever get the Diego, I would definitely not put it on the floor haha. To think of all the dirt and filth destroying the beautiful studded bottom. Now if only I had the Diego, sigh… a girl can dream right?!

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