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for the love of; alexander wang ‘rocco’


Since it’s first appearance during Alexander Wang’s Fall 2009 runway, the ‘Rocco’ Mini Duffel bag (it used to be called the ‘Coco’ Duffel, but was changed due to copyright infringement) has quickly becoming the IT bag. And I’ve gotta admit after seeing so many people with it, I WANT IT ALSO!! But I always want purses, so my opinion is rather biased. Lots of people are comparing it to the iconic Chanel 2.55; saying that it will become just as popular and iconic. I beg to differ though, in my mind nothing can compare to the 2.55, but we’ll see!

Before it even hit the runway, Mary Kate Olsen was already seen carrying one around. Ahh, the life of a child star, they just get all the good stuff first! Alas, I probably should’ve gotten Coco instead of Sukey but it is too late to cry over it.

I love that it’s very simplistic, and not flashy like some of the other designer bags. Not to mention I’m all about studs this summer, so it’s no surprise that this bag has caught my eyes. And it now comes in a variety of fabrics including suede, crocodile skin, velvet and of course leather. I saw the black leather one at Holt Renfrew a few weeks back, and let me tell you, the leather feels AMAZING! But I found it to be a bit heavy, maybe it was because of all the studs at the bottom ahaha. It currently retails for $875 USD and you can buy it at Alexander Wang’s website, but it’s most likely sold out. Just like it’s sold out on every other site that I’ve checked.

Check out Alexander Wang’s official website for more details:

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  1. Carmdiep permalink
    2010/07/26 12:02 am

    The bag is really nice, I love the studs! I just don’t think it has the staying power of the Chanel bag. It’s not as versatile. Can’t pair it with a girlie outfit or a sexy night out the way 2.55 one can. However, I think the balenciaga bag was quite iconic at one point. I don’t know what happened to the trend.
    ps I love crocodile & lamb skin (even though I’m anti fur) ugghh! I can’t help but live leather..

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