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forever 21 x brian lichtenberg


Forever 21 has finally decided to venture into high fashion collaborations. So far this collaboration is really hush-hush and I from what I have gathered this is the only image they have released thus far. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing this collection, unfortunately it doesn’t look like it will be available in Canada so I’ll have to check it out on their website. I’m a fan of his work, and if you don’t recognize his name, perhaps you will recognize this:

Yes, he is the man behind her infamous caution tape “outfit”! I wonder if he designed something that pays homage to this Lady Gaga outfit!?

The collection will include items for both men and women, and will be available in the US on August 13th. This highly anticipated collaboration will most definitely sell out quick! I’ll be camping out in front of my computer in hopes of getting something to add to my (non-existent) Brian Lichtenberg collection.

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  1. Carmdiep permalink
    2010/07/25 11:53 pm

    About damn time!

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