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louis vuitton x scott campbell


I love Louis Vuitton like the next girl, but this collaboration with Scott Campbell is just weird. I’m not really a huge fan of dragons and maybe that’s why I’m so biased. But I do however like the cutout overlay bag in the top picture. It’s very intricate and sure as hell beats the ones with the dragons on it. Blegh! Of all things!

Scott Campbell is a famous New York based artist that Marc Jacobs recruited to help him design his Menswear 2011 collection in Paris. While he designed for the Menswear collection, he also designed a few leather bags to go with the collection, these bags are scheduled to be released during Spring/Summer 2011. For the runway show he also tattooed LV logos on the necks of the runway models. I’m thinking the tattoos are fake because I doubt any model would really get a real tattoo of a logo. They’ll never be able to book another show with that kind of tattoo haha.

What do you guys think? Yay or nay?

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