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LeSportsac Japan x Barbie


Never been a huge fan of LeSportsac, and these Barbie ones aren’t really doing that much for me either. While my favourite colour is pink, I don’t think I’d want to carry around a bag that looks like something a middle school girl would carry.

It feels like all LeSportsac bags are the same, slouchy nylon bags with bright colours and busy patterns. This collection is no different, to me this Barbie inspired collection looks like the Tokidoki collection they released 2-3 years ago. Nevertheless, I’m sure that there will be people who will want to buy them as a collection piece or for everyday use. I’m not one of them, but that’s because I have a penchant for designer handbags.

It boggles my mind why the company doesn’t try to venture out. They’ve been selling mediocre looking bags at high prices and I would never justify spending that much on a nylon bag. Their bags are not very formal looking, so it’s not something people can wear to work or on a night out. The only time I can think that these bags would come in handy is when you’re going to the gym or using it as a carry-on when you travel because it’s so lightweight.

If they started to make LeSportsac bags out of higher quality material, and selling it at the prices they are currently being sold for, I would consider getting one. But at the current starting price of $50 for the nylon versions I’d have to pass.

Would you be interested in buying one?

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  1. Bum permalink
    2010/05/05 7:29 pm

    Maybe their target market is teeny boppers with a McDonald’s wage.. Don’t hate – you would buy them if you were 14, too. This brand should definitely team up with Bratz.

    • 2010/05/05 7:46 pm

      I don’t think their target market is teeny boppers, but it would make sense if it was. Too bad their segmentation is horrible.

      Bratz is bankrupted, I think. Well Bratz’s owner had to give Barbie A LOT of money because Barbie sued them and won.

  2. 2010/05/05 10:14 pm

    That’s just ugly. No offense to anyone who likes it, lol. Totally not my style.

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