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must have: breton stripes


Ever since I saw ‘Coco Avant Chanel‘ and saw Audrey Tautou wearing the blue Breton stripe top, I knew I needed lots and lots of it in my closet. In the last six months or so I’ve been buying a lot of stripe tops in preparation of the spring/summer season. Now my wardrobe consists of a plethora of styles and colours which I’ll be posting about in the near future.

The Breton stripe tops originated in a French province – Brittany. It occupies the peninsula between the Bay of Biscay and the English Channel. It’s usually a long-sleeved top that has a boat neck and the stripes generally begin around the breastbone area. But that has changed along the way, now Breton stripe tops come in a variety of styles.

Breton Stripes are no longer just found on long-sleeved shirts, now you can find them as t-shirts, blazers, shoes, and accessories. In 2009, Balmain incorporated stripes into his runway show with strong defined shoulders, and Tory Burch’s Magnus stripe cotton-knit blazer is also a great example of designers using Breton Stripes.

I recently signed up for a Polyvore account, so I’ve been playing around with it and I came up with two looks using the same shirt. It just shows how versatile Breton Stripes are, you can wear it out during the day to do errands, and in the evening you can dress it up and hit the town.

The entire daytime look is perfect for a summer’s day when you’re just lounging around with your friends or going to the beach. Some people might not like wearing stripes and florals together because there’s just too many patterns going on. But I think that it’s a very neat idea, and the fedora is the perfect accessory for the boyfriend watch, necklace and oversized sunglasses.

And than for a night out, a stripe top looks great with a pair of skinny jeans, a fitted blazer and a really sexy pair of pumps. I chose a nude pair because the rest of the garments are darker tones, and a class Chanel purse looks great with any evening look.

Are you a fan of stripes?

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  1. 2010/05/02 6:50 pm

    Love the stripes!

  2. 2010/05/02 11:52 pm

    You know I love stripes! I love this post. I never realised it was a trend because every year stripes is ALWAYS in style, haha.

    • 2010/05/03 12:12 am

      It’s probably a trend that will always be in style!!
      I love me some stripes as well, and had you in mind when I wrote this. I was inspired by your stripe post!

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