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must have: denim jackets


(American Eagle – $39.95)

I don’t know about you guys, but I am dying to find a great fitting denim jacket. One that isn’t too tight around the arms, and isn’t too long on my short torso. It’s great to have a denim jacket lying around in your closet, they’re extremely versatile. You can wear it to the beach in the afternoon, and come night-time you can wear it with a pair of skinny jeans and pumps and it’ll be a hot evening look.

(Forever 21 – $24.80, Topshop – $90)

The denim jackets you find at stores are no longer just structured pieces, like they were back in the 80’s. Now we can find denim jackets that zip up, have hoods and even jersey sleeves. I’m a huge fan of the Topshop one, the jersey sleeve makes it very unique, it actually reminds me of the Alexander Wang Denim Hoodie that I saw a while back. It’s almost exactly the same, except the price of the Topshop one is at a fraction of the AW one.

(Old Navy (both) -$29.50)

What’s great about the denim jackets now aside from the structure of it, is that they also come in a variety of different washes. A lot of companies are also selling ‘destroyed’ wash jackets, which I am a huge fan of. It’s already got the worn in look, without you having to spend months on end trying to make it look like you’ve owned the jacket for years.

(Nordstorm – sold out, Shopbop – $395)

If you’re not into denim jackets you could also look into denim vests. I prefer the jackets over the vests, but that’s because I’m not a big fan of vests in the first place. But I have seen other people wearing the vests and they look amazing in it, it’s really a matter of opinion and style. I don’t think I can pull it off, there I know plenty of people who can.

Do you like denim jackets, vests or maybe both?

image source:
Forever 21, Topshop, Old Navy, American Eagle, Shopbop, Nordstorm
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  1. 2010/04/29 11:14 pm

    I’m still looking for the perfect denim jacket… I found a nice one on ASOS curve.

    • 2010/04/29 11:16 pm

      You did?!! Ohhh, do you have a link by any chance? It’s so hard to find a denim jacket that is flattering to my body! UGH

  2. Bum permalink
    2010/04/29 11:24 pm

    The look reminds me of the ’70’s. Although I missed it. TIP: if you want jean clothing to fit your bod perfectly, buy a size slightly larger than yourself and shower in it. It will shrink to fit you skin-tight. Theoretically though (I heard it from some hippi teacher and not brave enough to bother).

    • 2010/04/29 11:27 pm

      Maybe I’ll try that tip! But how does that really work, wouldn’t it be the same as putting it in the wash?

  3. Bum permalink
    2010/05/01 12:24 am

    Beats me. All I know is peeps in the 70’s wore ultra tight jeans everything and they achieved it from that “method”. So says the hippi teacher.

    • 2010/05/01 12:51 am

      Hmm, interesting. Let’s try it, we’ll buy really loose fitting clothing and shower in them!!!

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