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world’s most expensive purse #1


Finally, we have reached the top spot. (If you haven’t seen the other ones you should check them out; world’s most expensive purse: two, three, four and five). When I saw the price tag for this beautiful purse I was shocked. I couldn’t believe the price tag, I couldn’t imagine spending that much on a purse. While it is a really really pretty purse, I don’t think that I would ever buy it, if given the opportunity. With the amount of money that it costs, I could get so much more with it, rather than one single handbag. There are other versions of this purse that obviously cost less, but are still pretty pricey.

World’s most expensive purse #1
Chanel “Diamond Forever” Classic Bag – $261,000

Yup, that’s right it is $261,000. This purse is the price of a new car, a new luxury car no less. I am absolutely flabbergasted. There is only 13 available in the world, and only 5 of which were available in the States. With a name like “Diamond Forever”, there’s no doubt that this handbag is encrusted with diamonds. The iconic Chanel “CCs” are encrusted with 334 diamonds which total 3.56 carats all set in 18-carat white gold hardware and is made of white alligator skin. The long shoulder straps are also made with 18-carat white gold.

This here is the Chanel 2.55 that I have lusted over since the beginning of time. At almost $3000 after tax there is no way that I will be getting this one any time soon. The only difference between this and the Diamond Forever version is that this is not encrusted in diamonds and not made of alligator skin. Personally I much prefer this over the alligator skin. White purses are so hard to deal with, not only do they get dirty really easily but sometimes it’s really hard to match with your outfits. And the black 2.55 is just a classic.

It’s a definite must have.

Another one that I absolutely love is the Chanel Jumbo XL as seen on Lauren Conrad. It’s not longer being made, however I have read on some purse forums/blogs that they have/will release a new one that is similar to the Jumbo XL called the Chanel Maxi Bag. This one costs WELL over $3000 CDN after tax, I would say it’s probably close to $4000 CDN before tax. The only difference between this and the 2.55 is the size.

I think that out of the five bags on this list, the most wearable and my most desirable one is the Chanel “Diamond Forever” purse. I think that it’s so elegant, and has this sophisticated feel to it.

So finally, that ends the ‘world’s most expensive purse’ series. It was fun, but I am so over talking about purses. I can’t wait to get back to some ootds and talking about purchases I have made (I’ve accumulated quite a few things since my last purchase post).

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  1. 2010/04/24 1:46 am

    Omg. I love Chanels. But it’s waaay out of my budget.
    Looking forward to your OOTDS!

  2. Bum permalink
    2010/04/24 11:56 am

    I was hoping the top spot would cost….. ONE MILLION dollars so I can poke fun. Oh well. At that price tag you can trade the handbag for a house if you get bored of it 🙂

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