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world’s most expensive purse #3


So far we’ve already seen the ugly that is the Louis Vuitton Patchwork Tribute Bag, and the Judith Leiber Precious Rose. This third one is a beauty; it’s simple yet elegant. The Cleopatra would go great with a nice, long evening gown. Or even a clutch for your wedding day, that is if you have the budget for it. With this clutch in your hands, you definitely wouldn’t need to be wearing any other jewelry and you’ll still stand out amongst the crowd.

World’s most expensive purse #3
Lana Marks Cleopatra – $100,000

It is made of metallic silver alligator clutch and is edged with an 18-carat white gold frame. There is a string of black and white diamonds etched in the white gold frame which gives this clutch a modern twist.

In 2007 Oscar winner Helen Mirren was seen holding this Lana Marks Cleopatra clutch on the red carpet, the same night she won her Best Actress award. This Cleopatra was hand-made by Lana Marks herself for Helen Mirren and costs more than the average Cleopatra. It is made out of 776 individually cut and set diamonds on an 18 carat yellow gold frame and was inspired by a royal tiara. It incorporates scrolls, garlands and collets  with a coronation inspired crown, delicately placed in the front of this cream alligator clutch. Because of the materials and the delicate details, it took Lana Marks a month to complete in four different countries.

(Lana Marks Princess Diana Handbag & Lana Marks Wellington Pouch)

With a clutch as beautiful as the Cleopatra, I was curious to see what other handbags Lana Marks had to offer. I was pretty disappointed, I don’t see the appeal of her bags, with the exception of the Wellington Pouch. I guess everything is just really matronly (in a bad way).

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  1. Bum permalink
    2010/04/19 7:27 am

    So it seems all you need to do is add diamonds and the price sky rockets through the roof. Might as well put the Hope diamond in a plastic bag and call it a day :). Or the Heart of the Ocean! Ohhhhhh fancy.

    • 2010/04/19 12:30 pm

      Well of course! Diamonds are expensive, and thus making the prices sky rocket. The Hope Diamond is different though, its one of a kind. The diamonds they use for these bags are not one of a kind. If you put a Hope Diamond in a plastic bag and tried to sell it, you would still get millions for it!

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