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a picture a day


(Taken near the St. Lawrence Market)

If you follow on me Twitter, you’ve heard me talking about taking my film camera out to take pictures and getting my film developed. Well, I finally got to pick up my developed roll Thursday and I was so ecstatic. I wanted to blog about it instantly, but alas my beloved Mac Powerbook had crashed. Yesterday, I made a trip to Yorkdale Mall and picked up a new Macbook so now I’m back to my blogging ways haha.

I started a photo blog so that I can post my photos there, rather than post them on here since this blog has it’s own theme.

WordPress Photo Blog:

(Taken from the patio of Il Fornello, overlooking the harbourfront)

I’m still pretty amateur, or “n00bie” as my lovely boyfriend would like to say. But I find taking pictures very peaceful and really reduces the amount of stress I have from school. Hopefully as I keep taking more and more pictures I’ll be able to improve and “wow” a few people.

Russel has no relevance to this post, but I love this character and I love the “real life” Russel even more.

I’m slowly transferring all my pictures from my old mac to my new one so I can write another fashion related post.

Posts to look forward to:
– my secret perfume collection
– my e.l.f haul series
– stripes (I’ve been wanting to write this one for so long but have been far too lazy to take pictures of ALL the stripe shirts that I have)

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  1. Bum permalink
    2010/04/11 5:58 pm

    Nicely done. The pix are fine. The Russel is fat. Keep it up.

    • 2010/04/11 6:02 pm

      Thanks, but “fine” is not what I’m going for. MUAHAHAHA. I’m going for “wow” “great” “amazing” “spectacular” etc.

      Isn’t real life Russel so cute?

  2. 2010/04/13 10:49 pm

    Neat layout and blog. I’m on Blogger. Not sure if I should move to WordPress. I’m one of your ‘friends’ at IFB so thought I’d drop in and say ‘Hi’.

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