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for the love of; owls


In this ‘for the love of’ post, I’m going to be talking about my small obsession with owls. A few months back I purchased my first owl necklace, and since than I’ve been hooked. Every time I go shopping, I always look for owl accessories; now I’ve even moved onto owl apparel. I saw the cutest shirt with a large owl on the side of the shirt, I was so tempted to buy it.

I think that my favourite necklace would the one in the middle. I love the simplicity of it, and it works great with every outfit. While the other two are more colourful and I definitely wouldn’t be able to wear it with everything.

I also got this stud and ring set from Forever 21 a few weeks ago. I was immediately drawn to the owl studs, they look really adorable on. And the ring is also a great addition to any outfit. I probably wouldn’t wear the two together, I think that I would be in owl overkill haha.

I was bored one day so I started searching for owl paraphernalia and came across some really cute and neat items.

From left to right: Urban Outfitters: Spinning Owl Jewelry Stand $14.99 USD, Urban Outfitters: Owl Pillowcase Set $28 USD, Urban Outfitters: Owl Flask $18 USD, ASOS: Multi Coloured Articulated Long Owl Pendant $13.68 USD

I’m dying to buy the jewelry stand and the ASOS necklace. I just don’t know if I need another necklace with an owl on it. But I guess I can never have too many, right?! It would be pretty neat to get the pillowcase set, but it might also be a little weird. Can you imagine waking up in the middle of the night, and you turn your head onto your pillow to find owls staring at you. Freaky right!?

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  1. Bum permalink
    2010/04/05 7:29 pm

    Nice owls. Maybe it’s nice this season but I’m sure people will move on when the kitty collection comes out. I’m just saying 🙂

    And there isn’t any cute owl videos on Youtube like the kitty ones…

    • 2010/04/10 2:55 am

      I don’t think people are going to move on from owls. It’s been pretty popular for a few years now. We’ll see, lately it’s been elephants but I just can’t seem to like it enough to wear hahah.


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