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thrift shop hop


A few Sundays ago after my pilates class I dragged my boyfriend with me all over Toronto to visit some thrift stores. We ended up going to Value Village, Canadian Thrift Store and Forever 21 (not a thrift store, but I like to go often to see what’s new). I’ve been to many Value Villages, and I think that the one we went to is my favourite thus far. I found so many goodies, even though I only left with one item. I did come across this really nice vintage Praktica film camera, I really wanted to buy it but my boyfriend persuaded me otherwise since we weren’t sure if it were fully functioning or not. Ever since my dad let me use his old Nikon FM film camera, I’ve been really into buying other ones. I’m not a great photographer so I guess having one will be more than enough for now.

Our first stop was the Canadian Thrift Store which I recently discovered on a grocery run. I was super lucky because they were having a sale on all winter clothing items. Sweaters, Jackets, Hoodies and etc were all on sale for $2.99 plus tax. I ended up with two items, a black cardigan with vintage gold buttons, and a dolman sleeve royal blue sweater.

I absolutely love this cardigan, the gold buttons are so exquisite and gives plain black cardigan a vintage vibe. It’s a cable knit, so it’s pretty thick, probably wouldn’t be able to wear this in the summer time but with the shitty weather we’re having its perfect time to wear it. I’d probably wear a pair of skinnies, and a v-neck sweater with this cardigan. I want the gold buttons to stand out on its own so a flowy top or a busy print will probably not work.

This blue dolman sleeve sweater is super comfortable, it’s got a pretty retro look to it. Almost like a 80’s track suit but without the tacky colours. I don’t usually wear blue, let alone such a bright blue but I was drawn to the knitted details around the shoulder area. These pictures don’t do any justice to the details of the sweater. I haven’t decided what kind of outfit I can do, but it’ll probably be very simple. A pair of dark denim and probably a camisole underneath and a necklace.

This is definitely my favourite purchase of the day, it’s so Coco Chanel-esque. I love the tweed pattern, and the royal blue really adds to the aesthetics of the jacket. The only thing that I’m not loving is the boring black buttons, I’m planning on making a trip to Fabric Land after my finals and picking out new buttons. I think that I’ll probably pick some nice gold buttons to go with the jacket. I’m not sure though, because the gold might make the jacket look to gaudy. I can’t wait to wear this, with a nice pair of skinny jeans, a button or plain blouse and a nice pair of flats or heels. I can just see it now. The jacket’s not too thick, so I might still be able to wear it in the springtime.

My last purchase of the day was a boyfriend button up. A few posts back I declared my love for button ups, and this is no exception. I’ve worn it so many times and it’s so versatile. I can wear it tucked into my jeans, with a belt around my waist or just leaving it out. The only thing about this button down, is that I sometimes feel like I’m wearing my jimjams out, but oh wells, I love this too much to give it up.

The cardigan and dolman sleeve sweater were both $2.99 from the Canadian Thrift Store, the blue tweed jacket was $9.99 from Value Village and the boyfriend button down was $21.80 from Forever 21.

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  1. 2010/03/23 10:49 pm

    LOVE THE VINTAGE CARDIGAN! I NEVER find anything cute when I go..

    • 2010/03/23 11:40 pm

      We should go thrifting! I don’t always find things either, but I got lucky this time.

  2. Bum permalink
    2010/03/23 11:28 pm

    I don’t like thrift store clothes because they have a smell… smells like used. Aside from that, I have a germphobia about people’s germ left behind on the clothes. Not cool. No matter how many times you wash it you know the previous owner violated what you’re wearing =(

    • 2010/03/23 11:42 pm

      It doesn’t smell after you wash it, and if you’re really afraid of germs than you can just dry clean the clothes. You’re missing out, lots of hot blazers that you would look amazing in.

  3. carmdiep permalink
    2010/03/27 9:39 am

    You know what? I kinda, sorta agree with minh. I bought a pair of jeans and I already washed them and they made my thighs itchy. So I’m no buying pants anymore. With tops, I’ll look through. Especially caridgans!

    • 2010/03/27 8:34 pm

      Oh I haven’t been adventurous enough to try pants yet, I can’t fathom the idea of wearing someone else’s pants. So I’ve only ever looked at tops. Can we go soon?!

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