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hottest jewelry trend


(Banana Republic – $125)

The hottest jewelry trend this spring season is the ‘bib necklace’. The name might sound weird, but it’s pretty descriptive of what it looks like. Some might even call it a bib for grown-ups. I’d prefer to think of it as a fashion statement instead haha.

(Anthropolgie – $138 & Topshop – $45)

The one from Topshop is such a good price, and because of the colour it’s also extremely practical. It will definitely get a lot of second looks from people when you walk down the street. I’ve found that a lot of bib necklaces are made out of crystals or precious stones which gives it a really chic look.

(Vera Wang Jet Bead Net Necklace – $850)

The bib necklace has found its way onto the runways of fashion powerhouses such as Vera Wang, Burberry, Marni and Chanel. Vera Wang has come out with some really beautiful bib necklaces, one of my favourites is her Jet Bead Net necklace. While the designer necklaces can cost you hundreds, there are less expensive choices that are just as stunning.They’re gorgeous without breaking the bank.

(Forever 21 “Spring Flora” – $7.80 & Etsy e0m0m0a – $54)

Or if you’re really into making a statement you can try a really outrageous necklace; like this fringe bib necklace. If you’re going to try a bib necklace, you should definitely keep your outfit more on the simple side because the necklaces are meant to be the focal point.

(Kiki De Montparnasse’s “Fringe Benefits” – $595)

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