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lady gaga & beyonce – telephone


Let me just tell you, this is probably the most entertaining music video I’ve seen since Michael Jackson’s Thriller! I couldn’t stop looking at hers and Beyonce’s outfits, they were out of this world!!!! Of course this is pretty expected – Lady Gaga never ceases to amaze me.

Sunglasses by MERCURA

Custom made crime scene tape by BRIAN LICHTENBERG

Custom made chain and jumpsuit by VIKTOR & ROLF
Cigarette sunglasses and shoes by HAUS OF GAGA

Studded jacket by SEARCH AND DESTROY
Vintage sunglasses by CHANEL

Studded outfits by HAUS OF GAGA

Vintage hat and outfit by THIERRY MUGLER

Yellow hat and dress by ATSUKO KUDO
Sunglasses by JEREMY SCOTT

Telephone hat by FRED BUTLER
Dancer outfits by JENNY ARASKOG

Hat and dress by RACHEL BARRETT
Telephone hair piece by DANILO

Lady Gaga’s outfit by HAUS OF GAGA Boots by CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN
Beyonce’s outfit by OSCAR OLIMA
Dancers custom made denim outfits by FRANC FERNANDEZ & OSCAR OLIMA
Leather outfits by NOKI, BESS AND HAUS OF GAGA

Beyonce’s outfit and shoes by JEAN CHARLES DE CASTELBAJAC

My favourite pieces would have to be the studded jacket by Search and Destroy, the Jeremy Scott sunglasses, telephone hat by Fred Butler and vintage hat worn by Lady Gage made by Thierry Mugler.
I’m so inspired by her, if only it’s considered acceptable to dress like that on a day to day basis.

I really love the yellow and the lavender that she’s put in her hair. I wonder if it’s possible to add a few streaks of yellow or lavender in my hair. I think lavender against dark hair would be really nice and add a much needed pop of colour to my life. My wardrobe is pretty dark, a few lavender streaks would brighten me up haha; I think.

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  1. Bum permalink
    2010/03/12 8:50 pm

    I have a feeling Lady Gaga is just another fad. She’ll be more diva than Mariah Carey’s 20 wardrobe changes in a single concert.

  2. 2010/03/12 8:55 pm

    Mariah does 20 outfit changes in a 2 hour concert. But Lady Gaga had 12 outfit changes in 9 minutes. I think Lady Gaga is the diva.

    Mariah FOREVER!!!!

  3. carmdiep permalink
    2010/03/13 9:54 am

    Interesting.. Haus of Gaga eh? I wonder if it’s any good.

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