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christian louboutin 2.0


I should be sleeping, but I just can’t seem to fall asleep so I decided to look at shoes online. My never ending love with Christian Louboutin led me to the Saks Fifth Avenue website. My heart probably skipped a few beats as I was scrolling through the three pages of shoes.

Remember these from my previous post?


They’re the multicolour patent leather platform lace-up Popi Plato oxfords. And do you remember me saying I wish they came in black, even though I had something very similar? Technically I said I wish they came in a solid colour, but black is a solid colour so it counts. Well, I think the shoe Gods heard my prayers and answered with these beauties:

Popi lace-up ankle boots $933.34 CDN

It’s the EXACT SAME style, but in a SOLID colour and no more patent leather!! OHMYGOSH! Someone wake me up from this dream. If these weren’t enough to give me a heart attack, the next two pretty sent me into cardiac arrest instantly.

Left: Rollerball Loafers $1061.34 CDN

Right: Freddie Studded Lace-ups $1061.34 CDN

I’m pretty sure I’ve died and gone to heaven. Now I want to go to the nearest Holt Renfrew and try these on and just die in them. I love all things studded and louboutin. haha. My favourite would have to be the lace-ups. I’m all about the oxfords this season, and my search for the perfect pair has just intensified ten folds because of the Freddie’s.

Also, wouldn’t these be amazing when you get in a fight. People piss me off all the time, these would be PERFECT for me. I love it. I would be able to fulfill my desire to drop kick everyone that pisses me off, I wish I could drop kick people ALL the time. Do I have a problem?

Now if only I had the moolah to spend $1000+ on a pair of shoes.

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  1. Bum permalink
    2010/03/12 11:37 am

    The Freddie Lace-ups remind me of Michael Jackson’s shoes. It’s just me.

    The Popi is nice too. I would buy.

  2. 2010/03/12 12:46 pm

    Now that you mentioned it, they DO look like Michael Jackson shoes. But way cooler, because they have studded spikes on them!!

    The Popi’s cost 933.34$ CDN
    It’s nice eh, kinda classes

  3. carmdiep permalink
    2010/03/12 6:49 pm

    I was thinking MJ too.. The solid pumps are really cute. But I’m not a fan of the flats.. Still a shoe God none the less!

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