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viktor & rolf f2010 rtw


I’m suppose to be writing an essay that’s due tomorrow. So far I only have my three body paragraphs and I’m missing an introduction and a conclusion. I’m not sure how I will complete this on time, and it’s starting to bore me so I decided to check out the Viktor & Rolf Fall 2010 RTW collection. My oh my. I am in love.The concept behind this seasons show was the idea that they wanted to “show that something can be both wearable and extreme at the same time. It goes beyond a mere idea; it is literally ready for production.”

The show started with model Kristen McMenamy walking out wearing what seemed like a hundred layers of clothing (Kristen later estimated that all the clothes weighted more than three times her body weight.) Once on the catwalk she was joined by Viktor and Rolf, who started to remove the layers on McMenamy and dressing the other models in the items they removed. Once Kristen was completely removed of all the garments, and left in a nude bodysuit the process was than reversed. I think that it’s a creative idea, but it can also be distracting because people are now busy watching you take the clothes of the McMenamy and not paying attention to the girls strutting down the catwalk. One reason I loved this collection was their choice to use black as the dominate colour/shade in their collection. I love wearing black, it’s so slimming and it hides all the curvy bits you don’t want people to see. One thing that I was a little on the fence about was the use of fur. I hope that they used faux fur, but from the looks of it the fur looks pretty real. It’s such a shame, I don’t see why designers can’t use faux fur. If you manipulate it enough, it can look like real fur and there would be no harm done to animals. While I didn’t like the use of fur, I did love their use of tweed, it reminds me of suits by Chanel but on a different scale. Viktor & Rolf’s use of tweed is like a bad ass version of anything Karl Lagerfeld would do with it. But than again Karl Lagerfeld can do no wrong in my eyes. Tweed for all! Haha.

This is what McMenamy looked like when she first walked onto the catwalk. The clothes look so heavy, and I’m only thinking this while looking at a picture. Can you imagine what it was like to actually wear it?

After McMenamy was dressed again, this was the look that Viktor & Rolf came up with. I personally liked the first look better, even though I’m not a big fan of fur. I just think that she looks more like a present here than anything.

A really expensive present.

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  1. 2010/03/09 7:55 pm

    I think viktor&rolf is too much for me. I guess it’s too haute couture for my taste. I can only comprehend “good style” if I or the person next to me can pull it off =P your blog puts mine to shame. =( hahaha. but I’ve always known how intense you are with fashion, shopping, and taste. what you buy this season, will be something I’ll notice next season! always ahead of the game! I guess I’ll be coming to your blog for trends and updates! =D

  2. 2010/03/09 8:06 pm

    Viktor & Rolf’s too avante garde for me too. I like to look at their clothes, but definitely would never go out of my way to see it in stores.

    I think you have great style @cdiep, I’m actually trying to find a nice button down so I replicate what you wore to Bombay Bhel haha. And personally think your blog is much better than mine. I like the idea of Evan blogging along with you, and I love the fact that you guys take the time to write about what you’ve gotten. So far, I’ve been too lazy to do that. haha.

    p.s. if you haven’t already caught on – i love your blog!! your blog is on my google reader hehehe

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