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So I spent some time the other day looking at Balmain’s Fall 2010 ready to wear (RTW) collection. I was not blown away, nor did I find it that interesting. The reason behind my lackluster response is probably due to the fact that for the last four seasons – starting with the Spring 2009 RTW, his designs have been far too similar. I’ve seen it before, I loved it at first but now I’m looking for new ideas and new designs.

Here we have Spring 2009’s RTW collection, that blew everyone away. I too was blown away – I loved the strong shoulders and the military influenced jackets. And the sweetheart neckline on some of his dresses made my heart skip a beat. I love sweetheart necks, I think they are the most flattering necklines for women of all shapes and sizes.

(Spring 2009 RTW collection)

I loved the the colour choices, and the use of crystal embellishments to give the garments an extra ‘wow’ factor. My favourite outfit would have to be the purple shirt and black pencil skirt. A close second is the military inspired black jacket that opened the show (the first picture).

Here we have the Fall 2010 RTW collection. This time around, Decarnin has taken Balmain into the world of lamé, sequins, leopard print and very strong fabric choices. I was slightly disappointed by this collection, only because I feel like I’ve already seen it before. The padded shoulders that came out in 2009 was exciting and caught my attention, but now I think that idea has been used and knocked off far too many times for him to use it again. I think that he was on the right track for this collection because he moved away from the militia theme which made his garments dressier than the previous collections. I just think for a collection that uses such lush fabrics, the use of lamé and leopard prints brought the classiness of the collection down a notch. I can’t associate lamé and leopard print with four figure price tags. I’m not against lamé and leopard print, I just don’t think it went with the other pieces from the collection.

(Fall 2010 RTW collection)

While I didn’t find this collection to be “complete” because of the fabric choices, I can’t deny that there are still a few pieces within the collection that was noteworthy. What I liked was his take on pant suits. They were sexy but classy at the same time. I also liked the dress in the last picture as well. While it resembles a few from the previous seasons, I just loved the slit at the thigh and the plunging neckline. Of course, I’m not sure why it’s in a “ready to wear” collection. I can’t picture any one, other than models and celebrities being able to pull this off without everyone staring at you. If I had the body, I still wouldn’t consider wearing it out to a club or on the streets. But that’s just me.

While I’m at it, I should probably show you the Fall 2009 and Spring 2010 collection. As you will notice, they all look very similar.

(Fall 2009 RTW collection)

I think that my favourite collection is Fall 2009, and than Spring 2009 is a close second. However Fall and Spring 2010 was lackluster and was a disappointment in my books.

(Spring 2010 RTW collection)

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